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Funny Mommy

Ok... Came across this on the lovely onsite wonder that is ebay.
I thought it funny and just had to share. so click the link and read away.


(yeah, I know I could make it a propper link hidden behind nice words like "click here" but I can't be arsed.

Ohhhhh, and something else I found on youtube the ohter day that had us in the shop in stitches for a fair while. Click the link and watch the guys vids to do with his xbox 360. I'm sure you will all get a laugh out of these..


Here is a random question for all those out there on my friends list..

whats the most expensive audio cd you have ever bought?


Got a letter from the GP the other day. Was about getting my mmr booster. Normaly I wouldn't bother with it, but I somehow ended up being persuaded by mother to go. SO I did, I get there, I wait 30 mins, get in there and find out I also needed a tetenis jab as the last time I had one I was 4. So I had to have two jabs. Now they don't hurt. Lets get that straight. And I don't have a problem with needles. But, why is it that about 7 hours later my arm feels like its got a huge bruise? I mean, it was only a damn pin prick. There must be some medical reason for it. Something to do with tissue trauma or something. But its damnd anoying. lol.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow. Oh joy. But tomorrow is Salsa night. Yay! Should be a laugh. :)


Urgh. I'm bored. I have done everything I have to do, and now I'm bored. I really need to get a hobby.


Well, after about 3 1/2 hours I managed to get my presents wrapped. I only had like 16 to do. When I see Santa next I am kicking his jolly arse back up the chimney and off the roof for deciding presents need to be wrapped!

I hate it. They should just be allowed to be handed out in the little padded envelopes or tesco carrier bags they came in and not need all that damned stupid paper that doesn't bloody cut but sure as hell tears easy enough! 

Not to mention the sodding tape! What the hell is up with the tape? I swear it has a mind of its own. You get the tape, and damn it if the end hasn't decided to stick itself back down so you can't find it for the 100th time. Then, you finally get the pigging stuff free, bite a bit off and the end your not holding cos you only have two hands has folded over on its self, making you have to get yet another piece. Then, ohhhh yes, THEN, you finally have your bit of tape, your using one hand to hold the tape, your other hand, foot and chin to hold all the damn paper in the right place, lift the tape to the right place, and the little bugger decides to flop down onto the paper in exactly the wrong place, causing you to TRY to peel it off, and taking the pattern on the paper right off leaving a nice big white spot! 

And the scissors! My god, not one righty knows the pain of the left handed when trying to cut that sodding sheet of pressed and patterned hell spawn. Having to cut the same bit again and again, the tearing of the paper, the jagged lines, paper cuts and cramps in your fingers when your trying to cut that.....one.......last.......inch....... While all the time the paper keeps rolling up on itself, twisting around like its a god damned Anaconda looking for its last meal!! 

3 and 1/2 hours later I finally finished and got myself a well earned cup of tea. I wish I could say I won the battle, but alas I know I face round two in a couple of days when I get the last few to do. Wish me luck with that one.... 

On a positive note, the cards went considerably easier and were posted off on the Thursday. Now I only have another 12 or so family ones to do.. Whoooooo.. 

Honestly, I never get why I have to do cards for people I have bought presents for and will see loads of times of the holiday period anyway. Just seems like a bloody waste of money to me. But I keep getting told I better do them or else face the wrath of bitching and nagging from sister and other females of the family..  So, to get some peace, I will do those too. 

In other news, my works meal is booked. We are going to a restaurant we always go to every year called the Thai Elephant Two. Its Thai food of course. But funnily enough they do all the stuff I like for the local Chinese take away. Yummy Duck with pancakes and Hoi Sin (possible wrong spelling) sauce. Nice crispy seaweed and other bits. I can't believe our director (owner of the shops we work in) told one of our managers he isn't allowed to drink too much. I'm not a big drinker and I don't like most drunks. But I still think that takes the piss. My only other grumble is its a works doo and I think the director plans to bring his 2 year old along. MY GOD, that is going to be annoying. *sigh* It will be bad enough having his wife there when I can't understand a word she says. Though I can understand the bringing of partners and spouses. I draw the line at screaming brats.... Jeeze I hope that little shit isn't there. That will really put a dampener on things.  

Errr, I think thats about it. My little sis is pregnant with her first. Though that news is a few weeks old and I think she is about 6-8 weeks into it now. 

Ohhhhhh, and my mobile phone, ohhhhh Should I go on about my mobile phone? or should I stop now..... Yeah, I think I will stop for now, and if things go the way I hope I will write up a whole different saga on the mobile phone thing in a few days hopefully..  

Peace out. 

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